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Up-And-Coming Social Media Platforms

Ever get tired of the typical Facebook, Twitter, Instagram social media outlets? Well, this list will give insight to the everyday person on the up-and-coming social media platforms making their way into our storage space.

This list was made in 2015, but the names still stand appropriate today. From the video-sharing page of Periscope to the Instagram cousin know as Hyper, these various platforms provide people a way out of the social media norm. Aside from the typical video sharing, picture-posting sites listed like Slideshare, one social media account to look out for on this list is Quora. Quora appears as a hybrid of Formspring and yahoo answers. The user is allowed to ask their own questions for anyone, and also follow certain question trends and vote for the best answer on the feed. Whether the users stay anonymous with their questions remains unclear, but the Q&A style social media platforms has proved to be dicey amongst online users. Anyone can see the endless comment chains on a celebrity Facebook page, or a video of an average joe proposing their ideal presidential candidate on YouTube. The Q&A style of communication hasn’t always been the prettiest sight to behold when reading through some comments and concerns on the page.

The general consensus of these new sites proves promising amongst people. Like everything in this world, it takes time and commitment to actually get something new and trending amongst people. Individuals dislike change in general and new social media sites are a giant leap for people to change to. I mean, even when a social media site changes the style of their app or website, people get into an uproar. Aside from that, stay tuned and watch out for these new sites to be making an appearance in our social media-driven world soon enough.

Joe Fino

I’m a geek…And, I’m fine with that. Being a geek is cool these days. Probably because geeks like me are behind the most exciting things happening online. Like a lot of “80s kids,” I was sucked into the world of video games; and at 11, I was obsessed with the technology behind them. In a way, you might say learning how to program in Basic on my Commodore VIC-20 helped prepare me for work I would later do for BMW, Lincoln Center, The Bermuda Department of Tourism and Wells Fargo.

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